Our Priorities

The protection of Mount Olympus flora

  • We get our herbs from local farmers whose cultivations are either certified organic or meet the requirements for sustainable farming practices excluding the use of pesticides, antibiotics and any other chemicals.
  • We sustain a botanical garden with certified plants from the Institute of Genetic Improvement and Phytogenetic Resources of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization.

The preservation of local biodiversity

Biodiversity is a key factor in ensuring the life and protection of our natural environment. The unique landscape of Mount Olympus in Greece, which numbers 1,700 species and subspecies of herbs, hides in it the most important wonders of nature.

  • We choose and carefully select the most effective herbs and medicinal plants of Olympus- so unique and perfect for use in cosmetics -with proven healing and invigorating properties to incorporate them unaltered in our formulas.
  • MontOlympe contributes to the preservation of the herbs of Olympus through its collaborations with farmers in the area. We select partners who promote organic farming with respect for biodiversity and make use of natural resources responsibly and with respect for the environment. We help in the development of young farmers and in the organized cultivation of herbs that for years had been abandoned or had not taken place, such as Olympus cornelian cherry.
  • We handle natural resources responsibly and with respect to the environment

The reduction of our impact on the environment

  • We choose recyclable packaging and containers, without toxic PVC and polystyrene
  • Part of our energy needs is covered from sun powered energy
  • We collect and reuse our excess water for irrigating our kiwi farm fields and our botanical garden which are located around the factory
  • Waste Management follows strict control and is achieved with collaboration with a recycle certified company
  • Our Biowaste which is a bio product from our extractions, an excellent bio soil, is used for fertilizing our farm fields
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