Our Philosophy

Welcome to MontOlympe

The "propylaea" of the majestic nature of Olympus Mountain
Here “time” is worshiped without yesterday and tomorrow
In an eternity “now” the classical beauty is praised as a statue
MontOlympe encapsulates the power of the flowers, fruits and herbs from this divine mountain, in its Natural Cosmetic Products for skin and hair
It is our tradition
It is our natural strength
It is the privilege, to live next to an ecosystem that generously gives us its magical properties
Natural beauty recipes from Mount Olympus
They have endured over time, they have been tested for centuries, they have been passed down from generation to generation and now they are in your hands
Because we sought them on the paths of the sacred mountain, the myths and the traditions and we offer them to you

Composite vase (1370-1200 BC)

Our logo is inspired by the ancient ritual twin vase for perfume oils that was found during excavations in ancient Dion, the sacred center of the Macedonians. Dion owns its name to Zeus, the father of gods and men and is located at the foot hills of Mount Olympus.
It was, in its time, a famous pole of attraction as it offered to the ancients, with its wonderful public baths, the holistic care of Olympus nature, the nature that everyone knew, that hides the treasure of eternal vigor and pure freshness inside.
The use of baths was a daily habit of the ancients as the social relations between the citizens were cultivated there. The public baths consisted of swimming pools with a defined change of water temperature: cold, lukewarm, hot and finally cold water again for well-being and rejuvenation. This was followed by the treatment of face and body with aromatic oils and healing spirits of Olympus, by special masseurs to prepare the body and mind of the bather, who then went to the room of worship, social gatherings and entertainment. The ancients enjoyed in their daily lives the beneficial properties of the nature of Olympus, the land of their gods, with its invaluable resources and plants with unique properties.

MontOlympe care and beauty products, with ingredients selected one by one and collected for you, from the paths of the sacred mountain, were created to offer this intense distillate, this intense Olympus energy, this passion for life, in your own life. .
Get the magic….

Our Inspirations

Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus numbers 1,700 species and subspecies of herbs that correspond to about 25% of the Greek flora. The different orientation of the slopes and their position in relation to the sea affect the climate in places, resulting in local microclimate conditions that in combination with the geological background and the soil, favor the development of particular types of vegetation and characteristic habitats respectively.

The natural beauty recipes of Mount Olympus, the primordial formulas of holistic care-a natural heritage that lasts for centuries
The people of the region have been raised with the numerous tales of everlasting youth and beauty. We find and record these small natural treasures that enclose the purity of the virgin and the maturity of this eternal ecosystem and transform them to integrated care products.

Our Vision

Inspired by the unique Mount Olympus ecosystem, we created MontOlympe integrated care products that include the healing properties and natural bioactive ingredients of the mythical mountain herbs.
Founded not only on traditional myth, but on progressive, scientific discoveries we developed a comprehensive line of cosmetics that is in complete harmony with its origins – with natural ingredients, without toxic substances, vegan and environmentally friendly.
In the paths of the sacred mountain we source for herbs with a unique concentration of nutrients that carry within them the evolutionary wisdom of centuries. The value of this wisdom is captured and embodied in MontOlympe products.
We look forward to spread the greatness of Mount Olympus ecosystem around the world, with MontOlympe holistic care, a care that only a nature with such a deep "biological memory" can offer.

Our devotion to Mount Olympus and people comes first

We respect Mount Olympus nature
We support the local community
We contribute to the economy

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