Our Formulas

Our efficacy

As medical doctors, we are formulating natural cosmetics that restore the natural balance of the skin, without chemical interventions, and reveal the "healthy beauty" at any age.
Our products intervene in the pollutant effective mechanism, thus reducing the potent effects of the toxic elements, provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients, strengthen the skin barrier, keep the natural balance and give skin its healthy appearance with respect to ageing.
The effectiveness of MontOlympe integrated care products is due to the healing properties and natural bioactive ingredients of herbs known in the applied medical and pharmaceutical science and specializing in the field of cosmetics.
For example:
-The Sideritis scardica flower is handpicked at an altitude above 1400m on Mountain Olympus. It has been lauded and documented by Dioscorides, since antiquity, for its healing, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. This is due to its high concentrations on polyphenolic, terpenoids and hydrocarbon compounds found in the extractions. An antioxidant blend that can slow down the aging process due to environmental effects and help the skin look brighter and healthier.
It is incorporated by MontOlympe in products dedicated to the protection of the skin from the polluting environment and against the first wrinkles.
- The valuable medicinal properties of Olympus Cornelian Cherry were documented since Hippocrates Times. These juicy fruits are a precious source of many nutrients and their extract contains rich amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C that possess a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant activity. Olympus Cornelian Cherry is incorporated by MontOlympe in anti-aging products.

Our Research and Development

MontOlympe's Laboratories
A team of experts in the fields of chemistry, pharmacology and medical microbiology is mainly researching the extraction of Mount Olympus herbs, the stability of plant extracts and their antimicrobial activity.

Our Collaborations

We are in constant interaction and collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Thessaloniki and with the Institute of Genetic Improvement and Phytogenetic Resources of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization.
Our goal is to search and record the uncharted "biological value" of the herbs of Mount Olympus and to study how it is beneficially imprinted on human skin.

Our Production

Mount Olympus herbs
Our herbs, all handpicked, are transported very quickly to the processing and production area, located at the foot of Mount Olympus in order to preserve their beneficial properties

Mount Olympus water
At MontOlympe we use Mount Olympus pure water for our formulations.
Additionaly, we have created a water-purification plant within our production plant aiming to upgrade this crystal mountain water in even highest quality – pharmaceutical grade- water.
Our water conductivity of up to 1,0 microsiemens/cm is recorded daily.

MontOlympe’s distillation

MontOlympe laboratories have developed the best ways to gently extract the benefits of these herbs, in a completely natural way

You can find in our formulas

The percentage of our natural origin
All MontOlympe formulas are 98.6% to 100% natural.
The percentage is determined and certified by a Global Certification Body and is clearly indicated on all our packaging.

Our environmental consciousness
Key pillars of MontOlympe environmental awareness are:

  • The protection of Mount Olympus flora
    We source our herbs from the local certified organic farmers in the area of Mount Olympus, who share the same values with us and contribute to sustainable development.
  • The preservation of local biodiversity
    We choose organic farming with respect for biodiversity
    We handle natural resources responsibly and respect the environment
  • The reduction of our impact on the environment
    We make sure that the packaging is made of recycled material and free of PVC and polystyrene During the processing and production process we respect the environment and the human health

Our love for animals
We are fully in accordance with the European Cosmetic regulations in force and do not carry out animal testing.
All our practices and formulas are cruelty-free.

Our compliance with high standards and guidelines

The production of MontOlympe cosmetics follows the procedures as defined by the BDIH standard which ensures the quality of the products at all levels, imposing the strictest quality and control rules:

  • Evaluation of raw materials and suppliers (quality, chemical and microbiological tests)
  • Final product tests (microbiological and dermatological tests)
  • Final product monitoring (collection and analysis of customer feedback through a Cosmetovigilance body).

Our commitment to exclude the ingredients that are harmful for the health and the environment from our formulas

Montolympe natural cosmetics are 100% free of:

  • GMO
  • Hazardous Preservatives
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Heavy Metals
  • Synthetic Chemicals
  • Toxins
  • PCBS
  • Nitrates & Nitrosamines
  • SLS & SLES
  • Artificial Colors
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