Our Divine Ingredients

1. The flowers, fruits and herbs of Mount Olympus

It is our privilege to live next to Mount Olympus which numbers 1,700 species and subspecies of herbs that correspond to about 25% of the Greek flora. The different orientation of the slopes and their position in relation to the sea affect the climate in places, resulting in local microclimate conditions that in combination with the geological background and the soil, favor the development of particular types of vegetation and characteristic habitats respectively.
We choose with respect and care the most effective herbs and medicinal plants of Olympus, with proven healing, healing and invigorating properties to incorporate them unchanged in our compositions.

Our herbs, all handpicked, are transported shortly to the processing and production area, located at the foot of Mount Olympus. Thus, their natural active ingredients are preserved unaltered and their innumerable properties emerge to the maximum extent.

We carefully select our herbs, following nature’s path

The distillation of our herbs releases Mount Olympus - its nature, energy, smells, and beneficial ingredients

MontOlympe laboratories have developed the best ways to gently extract the benefits of these herbs, in a completely natural way, away from any industrial processing, which release and capture their bioactive ingredients unaltered into our compositions.

We love Olympus Mountain Tea….

Sideritis from the Greek word "Sidero" iron, is an endemic herb found at high altitudes on Olympus Mountain, also referred as Olympus Mountain Tea. The Sideritis scardica flower is handpicked at an altitude above 1400m on Mountain Olympus. It has been lauded and documented by Dioscorides, since antiquity, for its healing, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. This is due to its high concentrations on polyphenolic, terpenoids and hydrocarbon compounds found in the extractions. An antioxidant blend that can slow down the aging process due to environmental effects and help the skin look brighter and healthier.

At MontOlympe we incorporated Mountain Tea in the most of our beauty recipes!

2.The Greek nature

Greek landscape is an inexhaustible source for unique plants with regenerative properties. We have carefully selected the most effective plants, around Greece, to complete the mosaic of our formulas.

3. The essential oils

MontOlympe products are made exclusively from 100% essential oils.
Unlike synthetic perfumes, in addition to aromatherapy, essential oils play a special role in maintaining healthy skin and anti-aging mechanisms. The combinations of essential oils are a valuable legacy of MontOlympe’s laboratories. The different combinations of each formula, not only give the aroma that characterizes it, but complement the action of the other bioactive ingredients and enhance its effectiveness.

4. The cold pressed natural oils

Our pure oils are cold pressed, a valuable ally in our formulas, which with their stabilized natural active ingredients, guarantee the best results.

5. The entire list of our ingredients is a gift from nature

If you look closely, you'll see the Latin names of the herbs, oils, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, sugars, proteins, and nutritional supplements they contain. The few ingredients you don't recognize are only natural emulsifiers, mild, natural cleaning agents, safe and non-toxic preservatives. So simple and yet so unique!

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