OLYMPUS INSPIRED BATH Men's Body & Hair Spa Treatment

Energize your mood, detoxify your body, rejuvenate your hair and take a deep breath directly from the leafage of Olympus Mountain!
Power for the senses, detoxification for the skin – an ideal companion for men.
Let yourself be pampered, fill up your senses with the herbs and scents of Olympus.

Mint & Pine refreshes, nourishes and intensively cleanses the scalp. An aromatherapy for hair-scalp.

Juniper Berry & Sea Buckthorn is our mild shower gel made from ten natural plant extracts & seven essential oils. Juniper Berry & Sea Buckthorn spoils you with a hint of citrus and wood notes.

Both the Mint & Pine Shampoo and the Juniper Berry & Sea Buckthorn Shower Gel can be used daily.

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