This medicinal herb has the ability to form and strengthen the healthy connective tissue of the human body as it possesses high levels of silicon, a mineral that is actively involved in the formation of collagen.
Horsetail, as a “living fossil”, owns a numerous of great value components like silicon, potassium, calcium, vitamins, phytosterols, saponins and flavonoids.

Day Cream Anti-Pigment Firming
Equisetum’s extract enhances collagen production, increases skin elasticity, locks moisture, cleanses and minimizes skin pores and reduces wrinkles.
Horsetail is highly recommended for cosmetic products with skin stimulating and revitalizing activity. 

Shampoo Daphne’s Leaves

It contains a high level of silica, a natural component that strengthens hair.
Enhances collagen production, stimulates scalp circulation and prevents skin irritations which lead to maintain healthy hair follicles and strands. 

Shampoo Mint & Pine

Improves scalp circulation and possesses regulatory activity on sebum secretion.
With its astringent and anti inflammatory properties cleanses and prevents scalp from irritations in order to maintain healthy and strong hair. uses cookies to offer you the best experience online. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies.