Everlasting Flower
The Greek “helios” (sun) and “chrysos” (gold) came together to name these vivid yellow flowers which live to infinity. Retaining their color forever, were dried in ancient Greece and offered to the Gods.
The “Immortelle” flowers were known for their unique charisma to keep their vividly and freshness.
This plant of eternal youth is a multipurpose plant with promising regenerative properties and incorporated in beauty products is the most suitable choice for a renewed, vigorous and youthful skin.

Night Cream Brightening & Restoring
Due to diketones, Everlasting Flower reduces the appearance of age spots and discoloration and enhances skin healthy and radiant look.

Body Butter Everlasting Flower & Honeysuckle

It possesses anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that soothe and care especially for the sun-damaged, dry and dehydrated skin.

Hand & Nail Cream

Helichrysum’s extract promotes skin healing through tissue regeneration while calming and soothing hands and nails.

Men’s Day Cream Hydration Age Defense

It enhances skin health through tissue regeneration, providing men's skin with youthful, firm and vibrant appearance.

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