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Dr. Panagiotis Savvidis and Dr. Angela Toliopoulou studied, researched and taught medicine and biology in Greece, US and Great Britain. After their return to Greece the two doctors researched a verifiable effect of the blossoms, fruits and herbs of Mount Olympus.

Their expectations were far exceeded, when they discovered, that the mountain, with its lush vegetation of more than 6.000 plants, harbors floral treasures with a unique concentration of nutrients. Thanks to its geographical location near the sea, salt crystals are blown onto the mountain and favor the growth of unique active herbs that can only be found on Mount Olympus.

Based on the results of their research the doctors developed a unique cosmetic beauty line from organic herbs. Especially gentle processing, short routes of transportation and artisanal production bare witness to the deep relationship with nature that drives both founders.
With MontOlympe they developed a comprehensive line of cosmetics that is in complete harmony with its origins – with natural ingredients, without toxic substances, vegan and environmentally friendly. Highly effective care that you can trust with a good conscience for your own body and the environment, that is founded not only on traditional myth, but on progressive, scientific discoveries.

Made From The Best

Nature Has To Offer

When it comes to natural cosmetics, it is impossible to create good products without truly great herbs and oils. This is why we source our components very carefully – only the best will do. We believe that Mount Olympus offers a unique selection of plants that have the power to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate our precious skin and hair.
Our organic handpicked herbs from Mount Olympus offer deeply nourishing, regenerating extracts that provide solutions for many different skin concerns.
A gift from Mother Nature that is gently processed into the treasure of your daily beauty routine

Organic Herbs

Packed with Benefits

Natural Beauty

As the source of all things beautiful, nature has proven itself to be a true expert on beauty. Everything, our skin, body and hair needs,  is provided in nature.

Carefully combined and blended, these herbal components become uniquely powerful in fighting early signs of aging, impurities and dry or dull skin.

Perfect Harmony

We take great pride in the extensive research and the amount of fascination and devotion we have put into our herbal knowledge.

During years of exploration, we have found the best ways to gently extract the benefits of these herbs and the most effective ways to combine them into unique beauty complexes.

What we Believe in

Natural products should be pure, and treated as gently as possible. This is why we believe that natural resources are just one part of the equation. How we treat the environment while harvesting its most precious possessions and how we turn this harvest into skin care has become one of the biggest focuses of our work.

This is why we take such great care in selecting, researching and processing our organic herbs: Only to create natural products of the highest quality through knowledge and care

The Beauty Secret

of the Greek Gods

Mount Olympus.
Nothing less than the cradle of the Gods and since antiquity well-known by locals as a source of especially potent medicinal herbs and plants! The people of the region have been raised with the numerous tales of everlasting youth and beauty.
The unique landscape of Mount Olympus in Greece offers so many wonders of nature: hundreds of herbs, fruits and flowers that cannot be found anywhere else on earth in such great diversity. They are packed full of healthy components – almost too good to be true as a base for genuinely natural cosmetics. The mythological birthplace of the gods is an incredible area for cultivating natural organic herbs that provide a vast number of benefits for the skin, hair and body.
Top natural cosmetics from the top of Olympus

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