Mediterranean Aromatherapy
98.6 & 99.4 & 99.4% Natural Origin - COSMOS Standard

Herbal body treatment for a silky smooth skin that glows with youthful vibrancy!

With its finely ground olive stone kernels, Oils & Leaves Body Scrub gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Refreshing mint cools and revitalizes the body. Natural oils and herbal extracts revitalize and purify.

Our Verbena & Marjoram Body Lotion with 10 Mediterranean herbs, 8 nutritive oils & 7 essential oils provides the skin with intense nourishment and rich hydration with light texture.

The unique Hand & Nail Cream is a highly nutritive formula with 25 strongly effective, anti-aging and repairing natural components!

Set Includes:
Full-size Oils & Leaves Body Scrub 150ml
Full-size Verbena & Marjoram Body Lotion 150ml
Full-size Hand & Nail Cream 40ml


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