Illuminating, Anti-Aging & Firming Face Décolleté Treatment

"with All-Natural Powerful Tools of Mount Olympus Nature"
100% Certified Natural Cosmetics

Divine earth, the earth of Olympus!
Every root, stem and flower of Olympus Mountain hides the treasure of eternal vigor and eternal natural beauty!

This unique face and décolleté treatment by incorporating Olympus natural illuminating and anti-aging ingredients provides instant brightening results on your skin. You can start your personal skin care program with our double cleanse that will rejuvenate your skin and sustain its balance, brightness and clarity.
The natural beauty recipes of MontOlympe, based on ancestral herbal treatments which follow, will give your skin an instant glow, firmness and overall healthy look that will pleasantly surprise you!

Step 1. Start with a Double Cleanse: Micellar Water Lavender Fleur & Myrtle Cleansing Gel

Step 2. Exfoliate, Purge Pores & Glow: Face Scrub Tender Exfoliation & Anti-Pigment Glow Face Mask

Step 3. Targeted Treatment – Skin Firming & Face Contouring: Olympus Mountain Tea Face Serum

Step 4. Finish with Skin Glow & Anti-Aging Prevention: Anti-Pigment Firming Moisturizer & Musae Face Oil

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