The unique landscape of Mount Olympus in Greece offers so many wonders of nature: hundreds of herbs, fruits and flowers that cannot be found anywhere else on earth in such great diversity. They are packed full of healthy components – almost too good to be true as a base for genuinely natural cosmetics. Through years of scientific research, we discovered that the mythological birthplace of the gods is an incredible area for cultivating natural organic herbs that provide a vast number of benefits for the skin, hair and body.

Natural products should be pure, and treated as gently as possible. This is why we believe that natural resources are just one part of the equation. How we treat the environment while harvesting its most precious possessions and how we turn this harvest into skin care has become one of the biggest focuses of our work. This is why we take such great care in selecting, researching and processing our organic herbs.


Advanced & RichAnti-aging & FirmingMoisturizing Treatment
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